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Services at the reception area

◆Making reservations for guided tours
  (1) Ticket price of Shao Bao Image Hall: NT$ 120. ( with $100 coupon & a gift)
(2) Individual visit: Please register on-site. ( Every time session will adjust due to the number of visitors, you may call to  check.)
(3)Group reservation: Over the telephone (+886 6 2698588 ext.9 or ext. 12241) Group visitors who are over 20 people should make the reservation online. The confirmation of the reservation is completed only after our staff confirms the information with the applicant via telephone.  
◆Guide services
Should visitors need guided service, reservations are suggested to be made 5 days before the visit, and the service
will be provided when the number of applicants reach 20.  If the number of applicants do not reach 20, please join
the scheduled tour on-site.
◆Guided tour duration
  (1) Reservations should be made for guided tour, and the service will be provided to a group of 20 people or more. 
(2) The guided tour lasts for 30 minutes.
(3) There will be no operators at the production line on the weekends
◆Information desk
(1) Loan of wheelchairs and strollers 
(2) Information inquiry 
(3) Guided tour reservation and registration services 
◆Changes or cancellation of reservation
  (1) For any changes, visitors should contact us three days earlier to reschedule the guided tour.
(2) Visitors and groups who made reservations for the guided tour and are late for more than 15 minutes without earlier notice, the Happiness Factory reserves the rights to cancel the guided tour.  
(3) In case of uncontrollable natural disasters or accidents, including the governmental announcement of a day off due to the above reasons, the Happiness Factory will be closed on the day. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.  
◆Etiquette for visiting
  (1) Due to the interactive multimedia platform and the many electronic devices in the Shao Bao Image Hall, food and drinks are not allowed in this area.  
(2) Except for guide dogs, pets are not allowed to enter, and the factory don't  provide safekeeping service.
Visiting hours: Tue. –Sun. : 9:00~17:00 (Mondays off, but will postpone the next day as closing day if long weekend happens )
Applications for guided tour: Tue. –Sun.:  09:00 ~ 16:30  (Mondays off, but will postpone the next day as closing day if long weekend happens )
* This application system is for registration only, and reservations should be regarded confirmed only after the reply and confirmation
from Happiness Factory.  
Feel free to contact us at 886-06-2698588 for more information during opening hours.