Seasoning the food with happiness

The project of Chimei Happiness Factory was launched in 2015, aiming at leading all visitors to start from the raw materials to explore the secret of Happiness Factory. There are exhibition areas with interesting figures & illustrations plus educative interactive technology. Besides, the factory also provides meals and good coffee at fair prices, and there is also a specialty shop for products.
Having been bringing delicacies of happiness for nearly half a century, CMF hopes to extend the definition of happiness. The project of Chimei Happiness Factory was thus launched in 2015, combining the functions of tourism, shopping and recreation. Apart from learning raw materials, getting to know the procedure of manufacturing, exploring the delicacy of food, the factory pays much attention to the concept of food safety and health. By telling the story line of "happiness", the exhibition area showcases historic exhibits, educative interactive technology, and virtual food vending district. The DIY Workshop focuses on the happiness of hand-making foods made by yourself; The Theme Restaurant provides meals and a cup of good coffee at fair prices, and there is also a specialty shop for premium products.
In order to contribute to the society, Chimei Happiness Factory is built with green building materials. Our core value is to share happiness and guarantee food safety. We hope that people can enjoy natural and healthy food at ease.
  • Lobby - Greeting

    The information center provides services such as information inquires, docent tour reservation, complimentary wheelchairs, lost and found, and public announcement.

  • Chimei Specialty Shop- Shopping

    Chimei Specialty Shop provides all sorts of souvenirs, frozen foods, and ready-to-eat foods with excellent quality at reasonable prices.

  • DIY Workshop - Handmade Experiencing

    Come to the workshop and be a great home cook and a handmade expert! You may experience the joy of DIY lessons taught by professional instructors. You can enjoy either cooking or hand making and the sense of achievement in the safe, clean and fully equipped space in the DIY Workshop. Make a reservation and spend the wonderful time here with your kids!

  • Shao Bao Image Hall - Cultural Touring

    Starting with the story line of happiness, the exhibition hall leads you to explore six themed areas, including "Chimei Impression", "Discovery of Good Food", "Story About Buns", "Decoding the Manufacturing Process", "Food and Life" and "Chimei Happiness Food Vending District". The illustrations displayed are explained in simple languages incorporated with multimedia interactive games, and this is surely a place you can't miss.

  • Chimei U-Food Theater-Video Broadcasting

    The theater is designed with a circular projection screen, which allows you to watch the video of Chimei's food story with high-end audio visual facilities. There will be several hidden scenes that await you to discover.