Fulfill the life with a moment of happiness by hand making. Through baking, cooking, and knitting, you can always create your works with infinite creativity and passion.

  • The Cow Cupcakes

    Come and enjoy cute cupcakes of cow family!
    There are gentle mommy cow, energetic daddy cow and a cute tail of cow cupcakes awaiting you to create.


  • DIY Pineapple Cakes

    No one could resist the charm of pineapple cakes, especially for its sweet and sour stuffing covered with crisp dough skin. Make the reservation to bring these exclusive pineapple cakes home!


  • Homemade Cookies-- The Bun Boy and His Friends

    Homemade Cookies-- The Bun Boy and His Friends
    Let's have homemade Factory icon biscuits.
    Come and go on a happy adventure with Bun Boy and his friends!
    There are six types of factory icons for you to make your own creation.


美味購物車 幸福手作預約