About Chi Mei Frozen Food Co.

To fulfill more of our customer's demands, Chi Mei Frozen Food Co. (CMF) has successfully developed various traditional cuisine to breathe new life into Chinese dishes. The company established the Western Dessert Department in 1999, which is committed to the creation of all kinds of delicate western-style desserts and cakes. To open the market internationally, CMF insists on strict requirements for its food quality, allowing people from the US, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asian countries to enjoy local cuisine with consistent quality.
To innovate delicacies for the relish of happiness has long been the philosophy CMF holds.
Every single smile of happiness is the greatest encouragement and achievement to CMF.
CMF has constantly put in much effort on developing new products annually since its establishment in 1971. By upholding the idea of making traditional cuisine available elsewhere, CMF hopes to remain the freshness of traditional foods in its frozen food products to give them a new life.


For years, CMF has won many international quality certificates for its insistence on producing quality food that is healthy and delicate, without adding additives and preservative. To this day, CMF is one of the domestic food suppliers that supplies the richest product categories, which fulfill diverse needs to our customers.